Hit goals, bringing the right content at the right moment and increasing productivity

This is Duuca

Are you in high demand?

Your team needs to work without taking so much time from you! How much time do you spend solving demands and explaining processes more than once? Duuca promotes independence for the team, but control remains in hand, in a practical way on the Dashboard.

Where was that
file anyway?

How much content do you and your team produce every day? And where does it go? At Duuca, you preserve what is essential and build a wiki of everything that happens, without having to change your team's routine.

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Work remotely

"Get what matters centralized helps me so much with gaps of the team - especilly now, when everyone is remote."

Faster Onboarding

"Our new empolyers perform much faster because they have Duuca to help then!"

Centralized knowledge

"Share all professional links in the same place its beatiful. No more lost things or WhatsApp or Slack."

Goodbye, bookmarks bar.