Collaborative knowledge with
no extra work

Duuca is the key that unlocks knowledge sharing,
learning and collaboration among individuals and workgroups.
Empower people. Build high-performance teams. Work remotely.

Here is how you develop yourself (and colleagues) as professionals of future!

1- Fast, simple, and one-click to collaborate
A convenient way of creating and share knowledge. Duuca’s method is based on a culture of trust, innovation, teamwork, and respect for workers’ knowledge.
2- Information always up to date, for search whenever you want
With Duuca, knowledge is continuously built, updated, and easy to find. Always available: right content at the right time.
3- Self-managing people and tasks
No more chaos. No people depending on you all the time. Effective knowledge management and collaborative learning are keys to success in today’s high-tech, networked, just-in-time market.

Powerful Features

Analytics On-time

Data-driven. What cannot be measured cannot be managed.

Feedback Environment

Open discussion and opinion to improve the quality of content.

Unique Academy

People don't like wikis. Set up your exclusive academy.

Personalized Paths

Logical sequence for customized development.

Constantly Track Your Progress

Track and enhance progress over time.

Full Engagement

Gamification enables dedication among individuals and workgroups.


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